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If you’re in need of a particular trade, product or service you’re more than likely to find someone recommended to do the job. You can easily find and hire them right here on whizzel. You can even add further comments, good or bad, so that others looking for the same thing can get an informed opinion. Register for a free account, you can keep lists of all your favourite Whizzes.

  1. Search.
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  3. Contact and get quotes.
  4. Job done.
  5. Leave a review.

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Companies or individuals who provide a product or service can get listed as Whizzes on whizzel for a nominal annual fee. Now that you’re all in one place it’s easy for everyone to find, hire and recommend you. The more you get recommended, the more likely you’ll get hired again, and again and again.

  1. Choose service package and register.
  2. Get credentials verified.
  3. Get contacted and selected.
  4. Do a great job.
  5. Get reviewed and recommended.

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