About Us

Ever been in a bit of a jam and you’re not too sure how to find someone that can help solve your problem? We know the feeling. Thats why here at whizzel, we decided to gather all the smart people in one place so that they’re easy to find.

But we don’t just want to do that. We want to also make it easy to let everyone know just how good these smart people are, so we built this little community where people can comment, recommend and rate them so that it’s easy for everyone else to choose a particular trade or service when they need it.

What’s a Whizzel?

A whizzel is the act of finding a Whizz.

So, what’s a Whizz?

A Whizz is an expert, a genius, your go-to person when you need a little help. Anything from fixing a leak to designing and building your own house. Or whether you’re just looking for a few special cupcakes to organising a whole party. Whatever your needs, big or small, there’s a Whizz out there who can help. Just whizzel to find a Whizz.

Got what it takes to be a Whizz?

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